We support the management of sustainable urban spaces through utilization of cutting-edge technology.

Road inspection AI

We replace conventional vehicle-based visual road damage inspections, as currently performed by many local governments, with AI (artificial intelligence) to accurately and speedily detect locations of road damage and to improve work efficiency.

Why should you select UrbanX Tech's road inspection AI?

There are an increasing number of local governments unable to carry out sufficient inspections due to budget constraints as well as experiencing shortages of technical staff. Although some local governments are conducting inspections of road surface conditions using specialized cars, comprehensive inspections cannot be performed because of the high costs involved. UrbanX Tech's technology enables real-time, quantitative road inspection utilizing only smartphones and drive-recorders.



Only a smartphone is required.
Furthermore, comprehensively inspecting all roads under management becomes feasible.


As the damaged areas are visualized in real-time, the technology is useful to facilitate the quick repair of potholes and develop a long-term repair plan that takes into consideration factors such as the crack rate.


Our computer algorithms perform a quantitative road evaluation.


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HONGO AI AWARD、フジタ賞を受賞しました (火, 05 1月 2021)
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NVIDIA「Inception Program」のパートナー企業に認定されました (Tue, 24 Nov 2020)
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三井住友海上火災保険株式会社とドライブレコーダーを活用した社会インフラメンテナンス支援に向けた実証実験の開始します。 (Tue, 27 Oct 2020)
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資金調達実施のお知らせ (Thu, 15 Oct 2020)
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三菱総合研究所、NEXCO-West USA社と実施した橋梁点検AIに関する共同研究の成果を発表しました。 (Tue, 29 Sep 2020)
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Hiroya maeda


(Project Researcher, the University of Tokyo)

Yoshihide sekimoto


(Associate Professor, the University of Tokyo)


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Company       UrbanX Technologies, Inc.

Founder      Hiroya Maeda (CEO), Yoshihide Sekimoto (Director)

Founded                    4/2020

Office       CCR-512, 4-6-1, Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0041, Japan


Our logo emphasizes our corporate philosophy of “gathering and consolidating information widely to create a bright future”. The upper triangle (▼), signifies collection and aggregation of information, whereas the lower triangle (▲), represents the extracting of value from the information. Gradations in color from deep blue to lighter shades, express the notion that chaotic real-world data is being consistently aggregated to create value for a smarter and brighter future.